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On 28th September 2018 the ACP Group of States and the EU began negotiations for a successor Agreement to the Cotonou Agreement which comes to an end in February 2020. This section contains all you need to know about the negotiations.



The ACP Group Stands in Solidarity with the People of The Bahamas

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Brussels, 09 September 2019/ ACP: The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States stands in solidarity with the Government and People of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas in the face of the loss of lives and devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, the most destructive and deadly storm to ever hit The Bahamas. 
Following the passage of the hurricane, the island chain’s main income generating territories have been severely affected. Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands, in the north of the archipelago are the hardest hit by the hurricane, with widespread devastation - with the harbour, shops, workplaces, hospitals and airport landing strips damaged and destroyed. The projected cost of the damage and disaster relief efforts amount to US$ 1.8 billion dollars. 
In this regard, The ACP Group of States shows its support for the affected communities of The Bahamas and calls for urgent action by disaster relief, emergency and international organisations as well as humanitarian agencies to assist the country to address this crisis situation and provide support to the ongoing search and rescue efforts of the Government of the Bahamas. 
The ACP Group expresses profound regrets for the loss of lives and destruction, and conveys its deep condolences to the People and Government of the Bahamas and to families of those who have been killed, injured, made homeless or had livelihoods adversely affected by this disaster. 
Further, the ACP Group reiterates its commitment to assisting the People of the Bahamas, in accordance with the ACP Guidelines to be followed in the event of a natural disaster in an ACP State.
Voluntary financial donations to address the immediate needs of the people affected by the hurricane and to meet the challenges of recovery are to be made to ‘Donation for victims of  Hurricane Dorian in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas’ at the following ACP Secretariat account.
Bank: ING
IBAN: BE 86 3100 5209 5150
Account N°: ING  310-0520951-50
Communication- ‘Donation for victims of  Hurricane Dorian in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas’

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