Update on Negotiations

On 28th September 2018 the ACP Group of States and the EU began negotiations for a successor Agreement to the Cotonou Agreement which comes to an end in February 2020. This section contains all you need to know about the negotiations.





Building resilience to climate change in ACP countries

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The Intra-ACP Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+) Programme is a €70 million initiative of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States funded by the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) to strengthen dialogue and cooperation on climate change with the most vulnerable developing countries. 
The Intra-ACP GCCA+ Programme specifically targets ACP Member States, helping them to better tackle climate change as a challenge to their development and implement appropriate adaptation and mitigation responses. It finances regional programmes managed by ACP regional organisations, as well as a technical assistance component under which the Climate Support Facility (CSF) provides demand-driven technical support to ACP countries and regions.
Priority areas for CSF support include: 
Climate change mainstreaming in development policies, plans, programmes and projects 
Implementation of the Paris Agreement, with a specific focus on nationally determined contributions (NDCs) 
Replication and scaling up of successful adaptation and mitigation practices (including ecosystem-based solutions).
More generally, initiatives that integrate the climate change and sustainable development agendas 
The CSF provides short-term technical assistance and training services to contribute to the implementation or development of climate change-related projects, programmes and policies in ACP countries and regions. It can help with: 
Feasibility studies 
Project identification or formulation 
Policy development 
Determination of funding requirements and resource mobilisation 
Capacity building, training, workshops 
Knowledge management 
Curriculum development 
Technical advice on specific issues 
Examples of past support can be found on: http://www.gcca.eu/about-the-gcca/intra-acp/climate-support-facility Support is open to regional organisations, government bodies, and non-state actors such as cities/municipalities, universities, research institutions and civil society organisations in ACP countries. You can apply for support easily by sending an email to: intra-acp-gccaplus@acp.int For more information, please contact Dr. Pendo Maro (pendomaro@acp.int). Or visit the GCCA+ website: www.gcca.eu/intra-acp 

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