CALL FOR TENDERS: Support to air transport sectors and satellite service applications in Africa

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B-Brussels: EDF — support to the air transport sector and satellite service applications; introduction of GNSS/EGNOS, capacity building for satellite navigation services in Africa

2012/S 55-088535

Location: ACP countries

Service procurement notice


Contract description:

The project is designed to set up, staff and operate an EGNOS–Africa Joint Programme Office with a properregional participation of the various beneficiary countries, which would define the baseline and oversee thesubsequent implementation phases for the specification and procurement of the development and deploymentof GNSS/EGNOS in Africa.

The key project objectives are:

— deployment of an initial project implementation team; budget is allocated for the recruitment and staffing ofthe Joint Programme Office itself,

— set-up and support for a number of working groups of stakeholders concerned with GNSS/EGNOSdevelopment in sub-Saharan Africa,

— provision of funding for workshop activities with African stakeholders.

The results to be achieved by the contractor are the development of a core of technical competencies within therelevant ACP organisations, which would constitute a 'GNSS programme management capacity' in sub-SaharanAfrica.

Training for the programme management entity, together with the provision of a testing platform and softwaresimulator, is provided under a separate programme component.


Provisional date of invitation to tender:


Provisional commencement date of the contract:


Initial period of implementation of tasks:

Duration in months: 24.

Deadline for receipt of applications:

20.4.2012 (16:00), Central European Time.

Any application received after this deadline will not be considered.




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