Refugees and migration, post-election Burundi urgent topics for ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

Brussels, 7 December 2015/ ACP: More than a hundred legislators from across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) convene this week in Brussels alongside Members of the European Parliament to discuss and pass political resolutions on major issues concerning the ACP regions.

Statement by the Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly Hon. Fitz Jackson at the 30th session of the JPA, 7 December 2015, Brussels


I thank you for the honour of addressing the Joint Parliamentary Assembly once again. Before I go ahead, I wish to place on record the appreciation of ACP Members, and indeed of the ACP Group for the efforts that the Parliament has taken to ensure that this particular session of the Assembly takes place.

Our meetings come at a difficult time; the ugly pall of terrorism hangs over our countries. The terrorist’s attacks by religious extremists in Paris last month being another manifestation of what has been happening in African for quite some time now, namely the Al-Shabab menace in Somalia and Kenya, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger and al-Qaida affiliates in Mali.

Statement by the Secretary General at the 40th session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly, 4 December 2015, Brussels


Let me first of all welcome you once again to ACP House for another series of engagements in your role as legislative collaborators for intra-ACP and ACP-EU relations.  I take this opportunity to offer my apologies for not being personally present at the last session of your Assembly. As was explained, I had to leave earlier to represent the ACP Group at the UN Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals held in New York from 25 to 27 September 2015. 

I am reliably informed however of the fruitfulness of the discussions that took place at your 39th Session.

Mr. President,

Honourable Members,

EU, ACP Group of States sign Intra-ACP programme worth EUR 3.6 billion

Brussels, 26 November 2015/ EC/ ACP: African, Caribbean and Pacific countries will have access to €3.6 billion to address shared challenges in the areas of human and social development, environment and climate change, private sector development, and peace and security, with the signing of the Intra-ACP programming strategy under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) (the EU's financial instrument for ACP countries).

Mozambique to receive new EU support

Brussels, 26 November 2015/ EC/ ACP: European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Mr. Neven Mimica on behalf of the European Union, with Hon. Nyeleti Brooke Mondlane, Mozambique's Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, signed an agreement at the ACP headquarters in Brussels which will provide €734 million to Mozambique.

Resolutions, Declarations of the 102nd session of the ACP Council of Ministers

Relevant Decisions, Resolutions and Declarations passed during the 102nd session of the ACP Council of Ministers, 24-25 November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium

[Download signed documents in PDF]



Ambassadors of Burundi, Mali welcomed by ACP diplomats

Brussels, 26 November 2015/ ACP: Newly appointed envoys from the Republics of Burundi and Mali were formally presented to the Committee of Ambassadors of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States recently, whereby they received pledges of support and solidarity in efforts towards promoting peace and security in their countries while also improving peoples’ lives.


We, the Council of Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group), meeting in Brussels Belgium on 24th and 25th November 2015;
1. Reaffirm that the adverse impacts of climate change poses immediate and long-term significant risks to sustainable development efforts and threatens the very survival of the 79 developing countries, including 48 from Africa, 16 from the Caribbean and 15 from the Pacific, that make up the ACP Group. 

Council meeting boosts momentum on ACP Group future perspectives

Brussels 26 November 2015/ ACP: The ACP Council of Ministers concluded its 102nd session on 25th November 2015 with a renewed commitment to ensuring the success of the upcoming 8th Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government in 2016, which will be a pivotal point for the organisation, as it undergoes a review and reorientation process to position itself as a more effective global player.

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